• 2-port and 3-port versions
  • Serial ports support high-speed RS-232 and RS-485
  • Modbus Plus, Modbus/TCP and Ethernet/IP models available
  • Utilizes a common, modular design for rapid application development


There are 4 versions of the MicroBridge hardware currently available. The model number is indicated by the middle 3 digits of the part number (xxxx-YYY-zzz):

Model Number Serial Ports Modbus Plus Ethernet
400 2 no no
402 2 yes no
403 3 no no
404 2 no yes (Modbus/TCP or Ethernet/IP)

OEM Gateways

5006-400-102 Modbus Master to Siemens G110/G120/MM440 (USS)
5008-402-102 Modbus Plus to Siemens G110/G120/MM440 (USS)
5009-404-102 Ethernet/IP to Siemens G110/G120/MM440 (USS)
5010-404-102 Modbus/TCP to Siemens G110/G120/MM440 (USS)
5012-400-102 Modbus Master to Siemens W150/G150/S120 (Profibus)
5013-402-102 Modbus Plus to Siemens W150/G150/S120 (Profibus)
5014-404-102 Ethernet/IP to Siemens W150/G150/S120 (Profibus)
5015-404-102 Modbus/TCP to Siemens W150/G150/S120 (Profibus)

Generic Gateways/Bridges/Port Expanders

6003-403-100 Modbus Port Expander (PEX3000 II)
6006-402-100 Modbus Plus Port Expander (PEX+)

Application Notes