MicroBridge/MicroGate II Cables

Cable diagrams and port pin-outs are included in the Application Notes for our various MicroBridge and MicroGate II products. However, for your convenience we have a selection of cables available for purchase.

All of our cables are approximately 3 feet long unless otherwise indicated.

'Local' or 'Network' in the description indicates whether the cable is intended to connect to the Local or Network/Slave port of a MicroBridge or MicroGate II.

Part Numbers

6000-0002 Local RS485 to ATV-58 DB9M to DB9M
6000-0003 Local RS485 DB9M to stripped wires
6000-0003-A Local RS485 + Power
(MicroGate II only)
DB9M to stripped wires
6000-0005 Local RS485 to ATV-61 DB9M to RJ45 (7')
6000-0006 Network RS485 DB9F to stripped wires
6000-0007 Local RS485 to G120/G150 DB9M to DB9M (10')
6000-0008 Local RS232 DB9M to stripped wires
6000-0009 Network RS232 DB9F to stripped wires
6000-0010 Network RS232 Null Modem DB9F to DB9F
6000-0011 Local RS485 to Profibus DB9M to Profibus Connector (7')
6000-0013 Network RS485 to P1 DB9F to P1 Connector
6000-0016 Local RS232 + Power
(MicroGate II only)
DB9M to stripped wires
6000-RS232 Straight-through RS232 DB9M to DB9F